Boldly, Tanya || Little #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 16}

Little :: #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 16}

Oct 16th, 2016 31 Days In the Word

But this thinking is backward. My works do not make me holy and deserving of salvation. My salvation through the saving grace of Jesus’s shed blood makes me holy, and out of love, I can then produce good works. It is because he is in me. Not because I am in him. He redeems me, I cannot redeem myself

Boldly, Tanya || #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 14}

Mail :: #Write31Days #5mfw

Oct 14th, 2016 31 Days In the Word

But David recognized that no man was the hero of the Israelites. God was (is). While he momentarily obliged his king, he soon realized that the armor hindered more than it helped. He shed it, preferring his simple shepherd’s staff and sling. Oh, and his unwavering faith in God.

Aware :: #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 13}

Oct 13th, 2016 Uncategorized

So often, my vision is obscured by fleeting distractions of the moment. I focus on pain, frustration, envy, pride, and anger. They compel my actions and motivate my thoughts. I am afraid to lose control of a situation more than I am afraid to lose closeness with God. I am afraid to let down those around me more than I am afraid to let down God. My priorities are backward.

Boldly, Tanya || Sky #Write31Days #5mfw

Sky :: #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 12}

Oct 12th, 2016 31 Days In the Word

God wants everything we have to give, whether humble or extravagant. He savors the aroma of our offerings like sweet incense burned in worship because that is what it is. Except our incense is flavored with the blood of Christ. It would never be sweet smelling or desirable without his precious blood, offered freely for our sins.