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“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world” (Jhn 16:33 NLT).

//The squeal of delight you may have heard this morning came from me upon opening the email with today’s prompt in it. It is overcome!!! I immediately knew what to write about: John 16:33. This is the first verse I memorized on my own, as in not being told to remember it for Sunday school or whatever. Over the years, it has not only brought me unspeakable comfort, but also unfathomable perspective.

When things start getting difficult around here, I jump on this rat wheel of expectation and my mind begins to race. I think God should do more for me. I wonder where He is and why He isn’t meeting my needs. I list off all His promises to me and try to hold him to account for not keeping them according to my needs and desires. Round and round I go, each time remembering another unmet prayer. I get angry at God for allowing me to suffer. I forget the hell he has delivered me from.

That is where perspective comes in. God didn’t promise peace on earth as we know it. He promised peace in Him. In fact, he could not state more plainly that we will suffer. Christianity doesn’t erase hardship or negate agony. It gives us hope to endure it. Where is that hope? In Christ. In the fact he overcame this world.

It is my daily prayer that my salvation will always be enough for me because it is more than I deserve. In overcoming His death, Christ overcame death for us all. He delivered us from a hell we believers will never know or even comprehend. That is why He can encourage us to be of good cheer while standing in the face of adversity. Because what is earthly trial compared to heavenly reward?//


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