Hi, again.

Time sure flies when you are having fun…

It’s been a long time. I went back to school, and we started homeschooling. Reluctantly, I stopped going back to school after three terms. Trying to educate the children and myself was too much. Fortunately, I can now get back to some things that I love, like writing. Picking up where I left off seemed like the best way to blow off the dust, so here is progress report on my lofty goals.

  1. Read more classics. I have amended my definition of “classic” to include whatever I feel is a classic, because I need to meet this goal. So far, I have read eight. College severely impeded my reading time, at least my reading-what-I-want-to-read time.
  2. Drink more. Still sober and as tightly wound as ever, I have failed to drink more. It’s never to late to start, though. Am I right?
  3. Wash, dry, fold, AND put away, all on the same day. Whatever. I taught my kids how to do laundry. Problem solved.
  4. Save money. I have none, still.
  5. Read the Old Testament. In my brief collegiate endeavor, I did take an Old Testament Survey class where I got a broad overview and read at least part of every book. I consider that good enough to meet this goal’s purpose.
  6. Teach my baby to read. We are getting there. She can use her knowledge of phonetics to spell words, but reversing that skill and using it to read just hasn’t clicked for her, yet. No rush. She will get it.
  7. Lose the weight I gained from quitting. The scale continues to move…in the wrong direction.
  8. Write down corrections and do extra barres. I quit ballet. Who has time for that?
  9. Brew Kombucha. This is still on the list.
  10. Put more food away. That is a huge check. We were blessed with an abundant harvest. I am pleased with what we were able to preserve!
  11. Grow out my hair. My mane is gathered into a stubby little ponytail at this very moment!
  12. Run a 5K in 28 minutes. Hahahahaha! That is funny. I am checking this off the list because just no, not this year.
  13. Watch Doctor Who. I have watched six episodes. I am not exactly a Whovian, but I plan to be just as soon as I finish Season 4 of Downton Abbey. (I am seriously behind.)
  14. Talk less and do more. Can we count the ten month hiatus as talking less? Can I be half way there?