Quelling (Homeschool) Anxieties With Scripture {www.boldlytanya.com}

Quelling (Homeschool) Anxieties With Scripture

Jan 8th, 2018 Homeschool

Catastrophizing is my superpower. I can turn the simplest of events into cataclysmic disaster faster than you can spell catastrophizing or cataclysmic. While I am becoming more self-aware and learning ways to combat this unwanted quirk, it still manages to show up and do some damage before I can contain it.

I am also a person who decomposes under pressure. When things get hard, I don’t buckle down. I crumble. I turn into a sobbing heap of uselessness. So the pressure I add on doesn’t help at all. It hinders.

The Burnout Busting Guide to Year-Round Homeschool {www.boldlytanya.com}

The Burnout Busting Guide To Year-Round Homeschool

Jan 3rd, 2018 Homeschool

Burnout is my secret talent. I do it really well. Not intentionally, mind you, but consistently. I habitually throw myself into things, whole-heartedly giving my all until there is nothing left to give. Inevitably, my nothing left to give point comes well before the finish. Instead of pacing myself, I sprint from the second I hear the gun. But homeschool is a marathon. There is no…

The Difficult Season {www.boldlytanya.com}

The Difficult Season

Apr 25th, 2017 Faith, Homeschool, Uncategorized

Tonight, as I go through tomorrow’s to-do list, a whisper keeps subtle cadence for the more prominent thoughts. Three weeks left. Just three more weeks. It repeats even when I don’t want it to, even when I don’t notice. Three weeks left. Just three more weeks.

When I wake up tomorrow, I know it will be the first thought to skitter across my synapses. I will push it to the back of my brain, hoping to bury it under more pressing concerns, like prayer, thanksgiving, and caffeine. But I know as the children wake and start demanding food and attention, I will call it to the frontlines. We can do this. There are only three weeks left. Just three more weeks.

The February Rut

Jun 6th, 2015 Homeschool, Lessons Learned

My plans, motivation, and self-control were waylaid by February’s ambition vacuum. The remaining aroma of stale initiative sustained my obligations, but only just. It was like I woke up one day overwhelmed, and never recovered until the temperature finally peaked above seventy degrees. My drive was hibernating.

Five observations from my first 71 days as a homeschooler.

Nov 2nd, 2014 Homeschool

We have completed 71 days of home school. For no other reason than my affinity for that number, I have decided to commemorate the journey thus far with a list of five observations. 1. Movement/noise is essential. How on Earth did my kids ever learn anything sitting quietly at a desk? Not only do they fidget, but they fidget loudly. Please note this is not an…