99 Things {www.boldlytanya.com}This is me listed in facts – ninety-nine random facts that happen to pop into my head.  I hope you still visit after reading this.

  1. I am named after Tanya Tucker – the hottest woman alive (at the time of my birth).
  2. I share my middle name with the best coon dog that ever was or ever will roam this side of the Mississippi.
  3. I will never tell you my middle name. (Never!)
  4. My father named me.
  5. I am a twin.
  6. We don’t look alike, but we sound identical.
  7. My mother named her.
  8. Her name is usual.
  9. We were born in Arkansas.
  10. We grew up in southwest Missouri.
  11. Our fraternal grandparents raised us.
  12. I was born without adenoids. (and pinky toenails.)
  13. I am not quite six feet tall, even though I always wanted to be.
  14. I don’t play basketball.
  15. I tried out for volleyball and didn’t make the cut (even though I was almost six feet tall).
  16. So I joined the debate team. I was good.
  17. Pepsi is my drink of choice.
  18. I like it warm – it enhances the flavors.
  19. I am an ex-smoker.
  20. Ninety percent of the time, I feel like I need a cigarette.
  21. Jordan was my favorite New Kid on the Block.  Followed by Donnie.
  22. I attended Girl’s State and Girl’s Nation. (Loved it all)
  23. Which resulted in me singing patriotic songs on the steps of the Washington and Lincoln memorials with 95 other girls.
  24. Which sounds lame, but was, in fact, spectacular.  The crowd joined in.  It was very heartrending and inspirational.
  25. My first car was a 1985 Ford Mustang.
  26. Which sounds spectacular, but was, in fact, lame.  I hated that car, but I didn’t pay for it.
  27. I only passed my driving test by one point.
  28. I was in six minor collisions during my first year of driving.
  29. I only reported the two that were witnessed.
  30. I have owned eight different cars.
  31. I have five tattoos.
  32. No, you can’t see them.
  33. I despise the morning.  I think it hates me back.
  34. I clap when I finish something – just a singular clap to signify that the job is done and I am free to move on to the next.
  35. My husband makes relentless fun of me.
  36. That is one of the reasons I love him.
  37. I sound like a seven-year-old that has just inhaled helium.
  38. I can’t sing.  It is terrible.
  39. I love to sing.
  40. I am bitterly shy and extraordinarily introverted.  I used to blush when people said my name.  I am slowly recovering.
  41. The best thing I have ever eaten was a tomato from Crete.
  42. I am disappointed that the best thing I have ever eaten is a tomato.
  43. I wonder if it is because the tomato was just that good, or I eat atrocious food, or I lack the creativity to think of anything better.
  44. I don’t know how to swim.
  45. I also can’t whistle or do a cartwheel.
  46. I was not cool. (and I am still not cool.)
  47. I am a bookworm.
  48. My favorite book is Tess of the d’Uuberville by Thomas Hardy.
  49. I cried reading the Cliff Notes.
  50. I am a huge Potterhead.
  51. Who despises Twilight.
  52. I love video games.
  53. I was a nuke electrician in the Navy.
  54. I served in Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  55. I have had more beer days than port calls.
  56. I also worked at a commercial nuclear plant.
  57. I do not glow.
  58. I have never worn my wedding dress.
  59. I got married at the Justice of the Peace in Monks Corner, SC.
  60. For seventy dollars plus gas.
  61. I was twenty-two weeks pregnant.
  62. The JOP could not get my name right.  (I was Tonya, Tara, Trisha, and Tunisha, but never Tanya.)
  63. I found out about the pregnancy the day before supposed to book the venue for the wedding we were planning.
  64. It was going to be at the Venetian in Las Vegas.
  65. Because Venice is my favorite city.
  66. And Vegas is my husband’s favorite city.
  67. I love cake.  Specifically, chocolate cake.
  68. I also love Star Trek, The Next Generation, and James Bond, and Indiana Jones.
  69. I want to learn how to play Pokemon so that I can hang out with my son.
  70. I hope Pokemon is a gateway drug for Magic.
  71. My oldest daughter is my clone, except her eyelashes.  (Those belong to her dad.)
  72. That can be excellent and awful.
  73. I enjoy solitude.
  74. And the outdoors.
  75. And pretending I know what I am doing in the garden.
  76. I start projects that never get finished (ever!).
  77. I love sitting on my porch.
  78. In the chairs, my grandpa made for us.
  79. I have spent zillion hours sitting there smoking and reading.
  80. I wonder if it will be as enjoyable if I can’t smoke.
  81. I want to learn a foreign language.
  82. But I am lazy.
  83. I hate laundry.
  84. It sits in baskets for weeks.
  85. I love to clean.
  86. But my car is a pit.
  87. I baby my baby.
  88. She knows it.
  89. I am indecisive.
  90. I don’t like to watch movies at home.
  91. Because if I have two hours of free time, I would rather spend it doing something else. (like reading or playing video games)
  92. I value honesty, trust, and loyalty.
  93. I talk too much.
  94. My emotion chip is faulty.
  95. I can be hard and cruel.
  96. It is typically unintentional.
  97. God is fixing me.
  98. Because he loves me.
  99. Just like he loves you.