It is Friday! That means it is time for Five Minute Friday, the part of the week when I free write for five minutes and post it online for the world to see (if they chose to look). Today’s word is TRY. My free write lies between the slashes (//).

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try”

“Try” by P!NK (Written by Michael Busbee, Benjamin West • Copyright © BMG Rights Management US, LLC)

//By now, my faithful five-minute Friday followers, you have probably noticed the lack of Bible verse. I am breaking free of my mold and posting song lyrics instead. (and secular song lyrics at that.) See, I am a huge P!NK fan. YUGE! Since I saw today’s prompt, that song has been on repeat in my head.

I did look up the word. There are exactly 17 verses in the KJV containing the word ‘try.’ Each usage, although coming from different roots, means essentially one of two things essentially, and the two things are quite similar. It means to scrutinize or to refine (as in smelt). One form even means to scrutinize by fire.

Of the 17 verses, one verse uses three Hebrew words for ‘try.’

Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart” (Psa 26:2 KJV).

Examine. Prove. Try.

Consider David’s words. Test me, Lord. My love is true. My faith is sure. Let me prove it to you. Try me.

Not coincidentally, try and trial are not very far off. Like the song says, where there’s desire there’s going to be a flame. Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned. It isn’t a matter of if, it’s when.

So when we get burned, what do we do? Do we prove our love and faith by standing in the furnace, or returning to the heat? Do we keep coming back for more, believing in this amazing love we have found and knowing the God who created us is going to purge us of all our dross? Do we desire to be more like Christ even though it means endless trips between the kiln and anvil?

Or do we believe love shouldn’t hurt?

When loving and serving get hard, do we allow God to make us harder, or do we crack under pressure?//


***After re-reading this, I want to add a disclaimer. In this post, I am referring only our love of God and subjection to His sanctification. I am in no way advocating abuse, nor do I believe we should remain in harmful situations. If you are being abused by someone, please seek help.