Control :: Five Minute Friday {}

Control :: Five Minute Friday

Jan 27th, 2017

There was a time when I swore that a man like that would never get elected. But he did. Now our standards have shifted. We can no longer gauge what may or may not happen because, for so many of us, the unthinkable has taken place.

But in truth, the unthinkable occurs every day. It just isn’t splattered across our newsfeeds. Families are destroyed. Children are abused. Women are raped. Men are murdered. The religious are persecuted. The weak are preyed upon. The innocent are imprisoned. Justice fails. Lies spread. Hatred consumes. Evil reigns.

My One Word for 2017: Mindful {}

My One Word For 2017: Mindful

Jan 16th, 2017

I want this to be a year of awareness. I want to acknowledge how things make me think and feel so I can modify my behavior. But further, I want to be mindful of my surroundings. I want to know what is happening in the lives of those around me. I want to know what’s going on in my church and my community and respond gracefully and appropriately.

Middle :: Five Minute Friday {}

Middle :: Five Minute Friday

Jan 14th, 2017

I love Paul’s explanation of unity in the body of Christ and how it was achieved. The KJV says, “[Jesus] hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us.” But I am also drawn to the story of Samson. He used the pillars in the middle of a court to take out over 3000 Philistines and gave his life in the process.

Top Posts of 2016

Dec 31st, 2016

What a year! Thankful and flabbergasted sums up how I feel about it. As 2016 winds down, I wanted to share my top posts of the year, in case you missed anything. Yellow Cake: My earliest childhood memory is buying my fourth birthday cake with my Grandpa. He used that experience to teach me a valuable lesson about belonging. Blessed Women of Faith: My dear…

The Books I Read In 2016 {}

The Books I Read in 2016

Dec 29th, 2016

I love to read. However, 2016 was an unusual book year for me. Reading took a back burner to survival. We all have those phases, and I am getting my head above water. Still, I wanted to share what did make the cut, according to my memory and Goodreads. (Go ahead. Add me as friend me there. I’d love to see what you are reading!)…

Community: Why We Need One And How To Build It {}

Community: Why We Need One and How To Build It

Dec 19th, 2016

I introvert like a boss. I love to be alone. But I hate feeling lonely. I need options when I get an itch for occasional socialization. The choice is the difference between alone and lonely. Yes. It bugs me that I need people, but that is the way God intended it. We are social creatures. While the extent of neediness varies per individual, we all require other people in our life.

For some people, family fills this need. It isn’t even obligatory. Did you know some families hang out because they like each other? This concept was entirely foreign to me until I met my husband. He comes from high functioning stock. They hug and talk about their problems. It is phenomenal to witness.

My family occupies the other end of the spectrum. We gather compulsorily, like for a funeral. Then, we barely speak to each other, probably because we don’t have anything to say. Occasionally, we text on birthdays, but most of the time, we just pretend like none of us exist. It is how we do things.

Because that is the way it’s been done my entire life, that is the way I want to continue doing it. But God has other plans.

Now :: Five Minute Friday

Dec 17th, 2016

It is funny how human behavior never seems to change. We are creatures of habit and tradition. Once we learn something works in our favor, we keep doing it, trying to gain the desired outcome or reward.

We have learned that people respond well when we do what they ask or like. We follow the rules, we avoid punishment. We give a gift, we receive one in return. We do something good, we are lavished with praise. The more esteem the rewarder has, the more valuable the reward.

So it is in our nature to try to earn love, praise, redemption, acceptance, all the things we value from God. The problem is, God isn’t a man. He doesn’t work like we do.