Clearing Emotional Clutter

Sep 28th, 2016 Uncategorized

Feelings mystify me. What exactly am I supposed to do with them?

Express them?

Sharing my shortcomings and sensitivities has as much appeal as a visit to the gynecologist and I do it about as often. However, with no emotional outlet, my brain is like a city without trash service. Mounds of visceral clutter pollute my thoughts…

I’m Doing This Afraid

Sep 5th, 2016 Lessons Learned

To feel fear doesn’t mean that you’re a coward. Boldness is taking action in the presence of fear. Do it afraid!” – Joyce Meyer I have toyed with this blog for years. It has been a play thing. A little curio kept in my pocket to exercise my craft and give the pretense of progress and effort. I have been inconsistent at best. At worst, I have completely abandoned…

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Sep 2nd, 2016 Uncategorized

Hi friends! Thank you all for participating in my little blog promotion. I appreciated every click and comment. You’re all such gems. Now, for the moment we’ve been waiting for. The winner of the Amazon gift card is Carolina C.! Congratulations, sister! Check your email! Everyone, thanks for your patience during my reboot over here. Things should be back to normal on Monday (Lord willing!). Please stay tuned….

Boldly, Tanya || Blog Re-launch and Giveaway

I have a little something for you…

Aug 26th, 2016 Uncategorized

Since birthing this blog way back in 2013, I told myself that at 100 email subscribers, I would get serious. Whelp, you just helped me reach that mark, so this is me, getting serious. Naturally, there were a few…hiccups. Welcome to the new Boldly, Tanya. You have been so patient and so kind. You have loyally supported me during so many false starts and inconsistencies….

Prepare Your Child to go to School this Fall : 3 Steps to Let Your Child Go!

Aug 16th, 2016 Uncategorized

There’s this thing coming up soon… Back to School!

“I can’t believe it!” and “Where did the summer go?!” Are common phrases that we will all start to hear and say before the month of August ends. Some parents are excited of the change, and others are fine with this natural rhythm of life.

But what about the Busy Mom that is dreading the calendar change?

Big change! – She is getting her child ready to go to school for the FIRST time.