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WARDROBE :: #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 3}

Oct 3rd, 2016 31 Days In the Word

Not only did God rescue Jeremiah, but also He paid great attention to detail while doing it. It wasn’t enough to remove him from the bad situation. God chose to do it delicately. He wanted no further harm to come to His beloved child.

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PAINT :: #Write31Days #5mfw {Day 2}

Oct 2nd, 2016 31 Days In the Word

“O devastated one,” speaks to me in a tender voice of one who is grieving. Like a father looking upon his headstrong teenage daughter knowing the destruction that lies before her and her inability to turn away. She even paints herself up to be desirable to the one who seeks her destruction.

Boldly, Tanya || 31 Days In the Word #Write31Days #5mfw

31 Days In the Word

Oct 2nd, 2016 31 Days In the Word

I am participating in #Write31Days by doing the Five Minute Free Writes and focusing the prompts on the Word of God.

Consider this your invitation to join me on this journey. I covet your thoughts and prayers. Please share how the passages speak to your heart. Allow me to learn from you. Who knows? Maybe we can build a little tribe.

This will be great. I just know it!

Boldly, Tanya || Walk #Write31Days

#Write31Days :: WALK (Day 1 #5mfw)

Oct 1st, 2016 Uncategorized

  I am participating in #Write31Days by doing the each day. The premise is simple. I compose a blog post each day with five minutes of free writing (no edits), contained between the slashes (//). Today’s prompt is: walk. //Walking away. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But it was the only option necessary if I was to save my…