Streamline Your Meal Plan With Routines: Plus a FREE 4 Week Menu Plan!

I started meal planning out of necessity. The sugar laden, over processed circus we called dinner left everyone in my home depleted not restored. I craved uplifting family time gathered around the table. I desired to serve nutritious food prepared with love instead of haste. I longed for peaceful moments in which we could linger and unload the weight of our day. I needed a plan.

Head to Sharon’s to check out my five tips for creating a routine based meal plan and get your Free 4 Week Menu complete with linked recipes. (You will have to make your own grocery list. I am not a machine.)

How to be helpful, for those who aren't (like me) || boldly, tanya

How To Be Helpful, For Those Who Aren’t (Like Me)

Jul 24th, 2016 Becoming

I used to be mean. (Okay, I still am.) Not the nasty, talk about you behind your back mean. Or the pull your hair and spit in your face physical mean. Not even the call you names mean. I was the uncompassionate and unhelpful kind of mean.

Boldly, Tanya || My path to heaven's throne room is paved with gospel bluegrass

My path to heaven’s throne room is paved with Gospel Bluegrass

Jul 11th, 2016 Roots, Uncategorized

Nothing exposes my roots quite like turmoil. When I feel the sting of despair, I know where to find the soothing salve. It is in the worship of my Lord. It is in the hope of my salvation.

But, I also know that for me, gospel bluegrass paves the shortest path to heaven’s throne room.

Dear Old Dad

Jun 19th, 2016 Roots, Uncategorized

My father: partially responsible for my existence, wholly responsible for that one time I was interrogated by NCIS (not kidding). That pretty much sums up our relationship. Everything about my dad is large. Unless he is outside, he is ducking; always too tall for whichever confining place he happens to be standing. As soon as he is seated, he stretches out his long legs, his size fourteen…