Simplify :: Five Minute Friday {}

Simplify :: Five Minute Friday {}

Jan 12th, 2018 Five Minute Friday

Wouldn’t you know ‘simplify’ is not in any translation of the Bible I searched? So I am forced to think of related terms. Maybe it is because we just went back to school and I have a child working with fractions, but when I think of ‘simplify’ I think of mathematically reducing, or rewriting an expression in a simpler form, which is done by dividing terms into smaller numbers.

And the first biblical model of reducing that came to mind was Gideon’s army.

Quelling (Homeschool) Anxieties With Scripture {}

Quelling (Homeschool) Anxieties With Scripture

Jan 8th, 2018 Homeschool

Catastrophizing is my superpower. I can turn the simplest of events into cataclysmic disaster faster than you can spell catastrophizing or cataclysmic. While I am becoming more self-aware and learning ways to combat this unwanted quirk, it still manages to show up and do some damage before I can contain it.

I am also a person who decomposes under pressure. When things get hard, I don’t buckle down. I crumble. I turn into a sobbing heap of uselessness. So the pressure I add on doesn’t help at all. It hinders.

Motivate: Five Minute Friday {}

Motivate :: Five Minute Friday

Jan 5th, 2018 Five Minute Friday

The Greek word for motivate is paroxysmos. And it is fascinating. First,(and I am taking some liberties here) the word is basically a contronym, meaning that, depending upon context, the word could be its own opposite. Further, the Bible only uses this word twice, and in each context, it is the opposite meaning; hence, the two verses above.

The Burnout Busting Guide to Year-Round Homeschool {}

The Burnout Busting Guide To Year-Round Homeschool

Jan 3rd, 2018 Homeschool

Burnout is my secret talent. I do it really well. Not intentionally, mind you, but consistently. I habitually throw myself into things, whole-heartedly giving my all until there is nothing left to give. Inevitably, my nothing left to give point comes well before the finish. Instead of pacing myself, I sprint from the second I hear the gun. But homeschool is a marathon. There is no…

Growth :: My #oneword365 {}

Growth :: My #oneword365

Jan 1st, 2018 Becoming

Stagnant is such an easy thing to become. It happens when things are comfortable. There is nothing rippling the water; nothing making waves or disrupting the surface tension. Everything is blissfully still. Safe.

Except it isn’t.  Everything appears inactive and lifeless, but stagnation is ideal for harmful parasites, bacteria, and disease-carrying insects, like mosquitos.

Imagine what harmful parasites and bacteria are incubating in a stagnant soul.