Mom :: Five Minute Friday {}

It is time for Five Minute Friday (where I free write for five minutes and post the results for the world to see). Today’s word is mom (since “mom” isn’t in my Bible, I used “mother”). My free write lies between the slashes (//).

“I remember your genuine faith, for you share the faith that first filled your grandmother Lois and your mother, Eunice. And I know that same faith continues strong in you” (2 Timothy 1:5 NLT)

//Today I perceive injustice. But the injustice is at the hands of people I trust. I believe God sovereignly appointed these people and I know they prayerfully seek His guidance and direction. I don’t think they would make a decision unaligned with His will, but here I sit, hurting and struggling with the godliness of it.

To me, it seems wholly unfair. No amount of sugar coating can make it sweet enough to swallow. No matter how carefully I chew, it still tastes like saving face instead of saving grace. It angers me.

But I trust God. I want to at least.  I want to trust the people He put in leadership positions. I am confident that even if they make mistakes, He is guiding them and sovereign over their mistakes as well. He will work everything out for His good. Except this doesn’t seem very good. It seems exceptionally bad.

When my faith fails like this, I long for my mom. Her devotion was unwavering. Her faith grew strong in adversity. It was so powerful, that even when she suffered an offense similar to this one, she leaned closer to God instead of pulling away.

Can I take comfort in these verses? Like Timothy, does the faith of my mother continue strong in me? Or does it not apply because she wasn’t biologically mine? I want to ask her. To mull it over. To hear the soothing sound of her voice telling me//