Future :: Five Minute Friday {www.boldlytanya.com}

It is time for Five Minute Friday (where I free write for five minutes and post the results for the world to see). Today’s word is future. My free write lies between the slashes (//).

“For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are” Romans 8:19 (NLT)

//When I first mapped this scripture, my first question was why? Why is all creation eagerly waiting for the revealing of God’s children? The answer lies in the surrounding verses: suffering.

Suffering has haunted my week. Through God’s grace, it hasn’t been my own, but it has been painful to witness and walk through alongside my sisters. My heart aches and I want for peace. I long to be free from sin. I long for the world to be free from sin.

As part of creation, we are all subjected to God’s curse of death, disease, and decay resulting from the original sin of the first man. In short, we suffer. Either from our sin or as victims of others’ sin. Even if we could claim sinlessness, we still decay away, sickening from disease and submitting to death (which is exactly what Christ did! His body was afflicted as he died from crucifixion).

But we children of God have hope. Not only do we share in Christ’s suffering, but we also share in his glory. Collectively we agonize under the burden of our sin, our curse, but one future day we will all corporately rejoice when we are delivered from the bondage of flesh and fully realize our freedom in Christ.

We know Christ is coming. We expect it. We avidly abide his return. The Holy Spirit has given us a taste of what our future glory will be like, but it is only a sample. We will not truly know what it means to be an heir of God’s until the day Christ returns.

That is where our hope lies. That is why we long to be called home and be free from this sin-stained world.

Lord, ignite our hearts with hope of our future. Make us eager and expectant of your return. Helps us stay firmly in your will as we thirst for your coming. Do not let the suffering and pain of our sin and this world discourage us. Lift our hearts and eyes toward heaven and don’t let the hardship of our temporary home rob us of our identity. Help us abide in our kinship with Christ. Help us find reprieve in our adoption into your kingdom. In your name Jesus, Amen.

Whoops. I was so excited that I forgot to set my timer…