14 goals for 2014 || Boldly, Tanya

Welcome to the New Year. I love beginnings and fresh starts. I understand that today is really no different that yesterday, and each second is a chance to begin again, but still… It’s NEW YEARS DAY – a day so symbolically different from every other one in the year. So, in the spirit of new opportunities (which I adore) here are my goals for 2014.

  1. Read more classics. I defined ‘more’ as 24, figuring that two per month is reasonable and attainable. I defined classics as anything off the first three pages of this list at Goodreads. I am starting with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass By Lewis Carrol, simply because I have it already. (I really want to stick to stuff I own, or can get free on my Kindle, or at the Library. Because my book habit can get expensive…)
  2. Drink more. I need to lighten up. I think at least three glasses per week should do it.
  3. Wash, dry, fold, AND put away, all on the same day. I hate laundry. It takes forever. I am never finished. I am pretty great at the first two, but the last two kill me. My laundry sits unfolded in baskets for days. The kids will scavenge wrinkled clothes from the hampers until the next laundry day, when all that remains are unmatched socks and underwear. It is downright shameful. So, realistically, my goal it that clothes will only sit one night in a basket.
  4. Save money. Don’t ask how terrible I am with finances. There are no words. I have a  reasonable number in my head, but it will be difficult. Out of all my goals, this is the one I dread.
  5. Read the Old Testament. I take it for granted. It is actually pretty adventuresome. I won’t be counting it as a classic though, because that would be cheating.
  6. Teach my baby to read. She is showing all the signs of readiness. It is time for me to stop being lazy and start sharing the most important gifts I can give…my time and knowledge and love of reading.
  7. Lose the weight I gained from quitting. It has been nearly 17 months since I quit smoking. I have gained about that much weight. Not pretty. It is the exact reason I resisted quitting for so long (I am vain).  Weight loss is part two of this journey. When it is gone, I can mentally consider the process complete. (The sooner, the better.)
  8. Write down corrections and do extra barres. (I take ballet.)
  9. Brew Kombucha. I tried it on vacation this summer. It’s taste good and makes me feel good. I have several friends who are brewing it, and their success is encouraging. Plus, I think my son will be fascinated by the process.
  10. Put more food away. We had a wonderful garden last year, but I feel like a lot of it was wasted because I was so bad at putting food away. It felt like a heavy upfront investment of both money and time. At the same time, it proves to be a worthy investment each time I open a jar of our canned tomatoes. There are so many fantastic ways to preserve fresh, homegrown food. I need to get over it and get busy.
  11. Grow out my hair. Cross your fingers that it will be long enough to get in a pony by the time the heat arrives.
  12. Run a 5K in 28 minutes. I would love for this to be run a half (or even a whole) marathon, but I have mechanically horrible feet. The one stress fracture I have suffered is enough to make me obey the doctors, who say I can’t run more than five miles. Instead of going farther, I will go faster.
  13. Watch Doctor Who. For no other reason than knowing what the heck all these people are talking about. I cannot tell you why I haven’t done this yet, except to say that I enjoy bucking convention. I have resisted on principle. However, I think it is time to see what all the fuss is about.
  14. Talk less and do more. I talk about doing a lot of things. I rarely get around to actually doing them. I think of them, stew over them, kick around ideas, pray about things, research, see what other’s think and put them on my list. Enough is enough. I may not change the world, but I can impact a life. That one life is enough to warrant action.

And in parting, here is my one resolution: To live in the moment. I can’t define that or measure it. I don’t know that I will ever fully realize it, but I will always strive for it. I want to be present and live like my time is precious. I want to constantly ask myself if I am contributing to the greater good. Am I being a light to the world, or casting shadows? Am I bearing fruit, or poisoning the soil? It matters. I don’t have a second to spare. Each one is numbered and each one counts. I want to use them in the best possible way.

Now, it is your turn. What are your goals or resolutions? I’d love to hear them!